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History of Laura Metaal Holding B.V.

1937 Start of N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander

In 1937 Erich Hollander started a subsidiary in Spekholzerheide (Kerkrade-West) called N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander. This firm purchased scrap from the mining area’s in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and supplied it to the steel mills of Hoogovens. Also they developed and produced several products for the mining and tunnelling industry in Switzerland and France.

In 1963 the mining industry came to an end and after an initially difficult period N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander concentrated on the existing product range in existing markets.

1968 Laura metaal N.V. is founded

In 1968 Laura & vereniging together with Hoogovens purchased N.V. IJzerwerk Hollander under the name of Laura Metaal N.V.

Not only did they continue in existing markets they also developed new opportunities like guard rail and hot rolled pressed parts for the heavy transport industry.

1973 Move to Eygelshoven

In 1973 due to business expansion and pressures from residential areas the plant was moved to Eygelshoven and Laura Metaal N.V. becomes Laura Metaal B.V. From this moment onwards the product portfolio is expanded even more, with for example sea containers and sheet pile walls.

1988 The site in Maastricht is opened

In 1988 a second site was opened in the Beatrix Haven in Maastricht. The main activity is decoiling of Hot Rolled material and pickling of sheets.

1994 Acquisition of Roermond and opening of the site in Beverwijk

In 1994, Laura Metaal Holding B.V. purchased Staalcenter Roermond, a processor of steel sheet and plate, from Koninklijke Hoogovens.

In 1994 the site in Beverwijk was opened. The main activity is storage and distribution of rest material supplied by the Tata Steel mill in IJmuiden.

1996 Flame cutting centre acquired

In 1996 the flame cutting centre of Staalcenter Roermond was also purchased.

2001 Maastricht starts up its new cut to length line

In 2001, Laura Metaal Holding B.V. purchased a Sundwig Kohler cut to length line. This new line is capable of processing high-yield stength steel from coil to various sheet formats.

2003 Concentration of activities in Eygelshoven

In 2003 All processing activities have been concentrated in Eygelshoven and therefore the remaining processing activities in Roermond have been sold.

2007: A unique pickling sees the light

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht now has the ability to pickle & oil sheets in a continuous mode. This line was developed in house and is one of a kind. The quality of the outgoing material is equal to that of the best coil to coil pickling.

2009 High tensile strength cut to length line operational

In 2009, Laura Metaal made the next big investment in a heavy gauge and high tensile strength cut to length line, the FIMI. This line is capable of decoiling up to 20 mm in gauge.

2010: CE-certificates for Road Safety equipment

In 2010, the First CE-(conformity-) certificates on road safety equipment are obtained. The CE-certificates is a confirmation that Laura Metaal Fabrications produces according to all applyable norms and is seen as a passport to the European market.

2011: Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht fully under roof

In 2011, Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht starts the building of two new halls in Maastricht. In future, all material will be under roof. This is yet another step towards ever higher quality standards and service.

2011: Laura Metaal Fabrications invests in a punch laser combination machine from Trumpf

The Trumatic 600L is the latest purchase of Laura Metaal Fabrications.

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